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George and George

Practice Objective

Woodrow Vizor Architects have a clear ambition when undertaking work for our clients; to add value and exceed expectations through socially and environmentally responsible design.


Value can be found in many forms; optimising the layout of a clients home; increasing the square footage beyond what they thought was possible; or even reducing square footage to open up light and social views through a property. In a commercial setting we can enable a clients business to function more efficiently with a more reasoned and cohesive space, thus increasing their productivity and profit. This does not have to mean a large project or budget - sometimes the smallest ideas have the largest impact.


In more complex and emotional forms we can add value by designing spaces and combining materials and light for an individual, family, set of friends or business that enhances their happiness, well-being and social, private or commercial lives and interactions.


Whatever brief we are given or develop with a client does not represent the limits of our ambition. Throughout a project we constantly strive to surpass this brief whether finding monetary savings, more efficient and easier to construct designs or to developing solid relationships between the various client, consultant and contractor project members that in turn makes a project an enjoyable and stress free undertaking.

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Survey & Existing Drawings

We can undertake measured surveys of your property or site and produce existing drawings (plans, sections, elevations & 3D images) in a variety of levels of detail to suit your needs and any project requirements. These drawings may be used for title deeds, planning applications or be part of full start to finish construction project. Where required we can engage specialist firms where more detailed information is needed. whether with topographical, drainage or historic surveys.

Detailed Design

Working with Structural Eningeers and any other appropriate consultants we offer a full technical design service producing tender and construction drawings for our clients. These drawings can also be used where necessary for any Party Wall or Freehold Agreements. At this stage we can also offer a bespoke furniture & kitchen design service to ensure that every detail of your project is thought of from start to finish.

Pre Purchase Feasibility

We can help clients with a pre purchase feasibility study for a potential property looking into the spatial, managerial and cost aspects of the type of project they may undertake following a purchase. This can help them determine the level at which to put an offer in or help negotiate the price if certain issues come up following building surveys that would result in extra resources.

Tendering to Contractors

When putting a project out to tender we have a number of trusted contractors we invite and can work with client sourced contractors as well. We manage tender reviews including client interviews and trips to example projects to see the standard of workmanship a client can expect.  Finally we compile a detailed and legally responsible Building Contract to give clients peace of mind moving forward into the Construction phase.

Concept Design

Once a brief has been put together, either by us or a client, we then undertake a concept study where we look at a number of options (both spatial and material) that meet the project requirements. This study would include drawings, sketches, 3D modelling and rendering as well as looking at precedent projects to help give a clear idea of a project.

Contract Administration

We take on a full Contract Admin role during construction managing the the implementation of the Building Contract through regular site inspections and meetings with contractors and consultants. This can take the stress of a construction project away from the client who does not need to deal with any contract matters with their builder and can instead focus on the enjoyable aspects of design and fitting out.

Planning Applications

With a experience dealing with many London and rural Councils we are able to take on any level of planning application be it for a small extension or comprehensive works to a Listed property. We offer a full service including production and submission of drawings, reports and the management of any on-going condition sign off or planning appeals. We also have specialist consultants whom we have worked with that can help with certain aspects of more complex applications when required.

Supplier & Material Sourcing

Over the years we have built up a wealth of contacts with various suppliers and sub-contractors and can help clients source the most appropriate materials, products and fittings for their project. This could be from steel and hardwood folding or sliding garden doors, a green roof or living wall, right through to an environmentally efficient solar and air source heat pump hot water and energy system.

Featured Projects

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